Social Media panels

Social Media Panel:

Presented by theAudience, the panel will explore the global rise and power of social media and the influencer phenomenon. Popular regional influencers will share their journey to becoming an influencer and rise to fame.

Saturday 29 October, 20164:30PM to 6:00PM


Max of Arabia:

Born in jungles of Botswana, Max spent his formative years traveling the world with his parents. By the age of seven he had lived on four continents, and is working on adding more countries to the list of 60+ that he has visited so far. It was through these travels that he was first introduced to, and later fell in love with the Middle East. Now living in Dubai, Max remains passionate about travel, but has definitely started growing roots. The strong connection that he has with the Gulf is audible in his near fluent grasp of Emirati Arabic, and his fascination with khaliji culture. Max is a social media influencer, and uses his channels to drive interest of his half a million followers to the beauty of the region and the Arabic language, promote his passion for charity work, and make people smile.

Haifa Beseisso:

Haifa is a travel enthusiast from the Middle East with a passion for making friends and trying new things! Understanding cultures and bridging between the East and the rest of the world is at the core of her travels and videos. Breaking stereotypes and showing the real humane side of people is something she is committed to. She has been known as the girl who quit her job to follow her dream. And now who has adopted flying as her full time job, and has taken everyone on a journey to Fly With Haifa.

Fatima Al Momen:

Kuwaiti social media influencer Fatima Almomen thrives in beauty, fashion, makeup, art and covers these areas for her diverse, fast growing fanbase. Fatima will collaborate with hollywood celebrity makeup artist Etienne Ortega in a dynamic 90 minute workshop covering all things related to beauty and hair and will be participating at Popcon’s 90-minute Social Media panel

Khalid Al Ameri:

Khalid Al Ameri is an Emirati columnist and presenter. He is currently a columnist for The National and was most recently a presenter for the Ramadan Series on CNN’s "Connect The World with Becky Anderson”. Khalid was featured on the 2016 Arabian Business list of Top 100 influential young Arabs and holds an MBA from Stanford University.

Irene Sarah:

American blogger Irene Khan began her career as a beauty photographer and has evolved into a multi-faceted influencer over the years. She creates beauty, travel, & lifestyle content across her blog, YouTube channel, & social media platforms. Irene creates almost all of her content herself from start to finish & is passionate about inspiring others to do the same - to never stop learning & be self-sufficient in content creation. Being independently stable and successful is something Irene prides herself on and would love to empower all women to believe that they can, too, be successful in their own right even if they don't have a dream team behind them yet!


Miranda Davidson Studios:

Miranda Davidson Studios, who is known for casting Fast 7, Star Trek & Brad Pitt’s War Machine will be casting for all ages and nationalities for a new feature film and TV Show. Miranda Davidson, CEO and founder of Miranda Davidson Studios will be present to advise and guide young talent on how to become a sensation! Like many other UAE residents Miranda Davidson Studios has put on the big screen, this could be your chance to be next! They will be doing an open casting call on Friday, 28 October from 2:30pm - 4:30pm and Saturday, 29 October from 2:30pm - 4:30pm for all ages and nationalities.