Yugana Senshi Uon

Yugana Senshi Uon, has gained much admiration and respect with her many art projects, work and lately, cosplay. In less than a year of cosplaying, she has been featured in ’ The Straits Time Singapore’ – ‘Top of the News’ during the STGCC week as a ‘Cosplay Mummy’, the HEAT’ Newspaper, ‘Borneo Post SEEDS’, many online sites such as ‘SMOSH’, ‘SCG (Sexy Cosplay Girl)’, ‘GeekXGirls’ and on TV as well.

Just Google ‘female Joker’ and you would certainly find Yugana Senshi Uon synonymous with the role. She was also an invited guest in Hobbycon 2014, Sabah. In addition to this, during the ‘Garena League of Legends 2014 Cosplay Competition’ she managed to garner the 1st runner-up spot with her rendition as ‘Orianna Sewn Chaos,’ hand sewing every item down to the wig and impressed the judges with her skill and commitment despite this being her very first time being judged on stage. Yugana will tell you she has only but begun in her expression of self and love for art through cosplay.