Fouz Al Fahad

Kuwaiti National and social media sensation Fouz al Fahad has taken the Gulf Region by storm. With more beauty tips than you can shake a M.A.C brush, The Real Fouz (as she’s more widely known) has drawn more than 1.4 million followers to her Instagram and Youtube accounts. The beauty guru rose to fame in the year 2013. Her followers quickly increased over a short period as she attracted young girls hoping to incorporate her style became a prominent beauty icon to the Middle East.
Her loyal and passionate fans have traveled across borders to meet her in and witness her transformation in hopes of combining her look and style in their makeup routines . Not only is this makeup and beauty guru talented and beautiful , she also has a Graduate degree in Finance! In Fouz’s future, she hopes to start her own makeup brand or open a beauty salon chain across the Middle East.

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